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Sycophent    Analysis of the lyrics by Yoav Zouker

Vein sigh
Yet so potent
Creature born to drain
And I
I beseeched it
The leech could not refrain

Sinful mind
So heaven-less
Simple minded
Ravenous symbol
For the drenching kind
Clenching on to what's mine

You are a parasite!

So sick
As it brings me
Down into its realm
Ill things as it stings me
and still it acts so damn self righteous
bite the fruit and then digest
Smite this root and we might just
kill the constant feeds
But I guess that's what it needs

You are a parasite!

You are the epitome
of what it means to be
an enemy

And telling me that my helpless acts is a cry for help
Honestly man, isn't helping me!

You are a parasite!

Low parasite
Show yourself...
Why don't you just
leave us some blood