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Unreleased    Analysis of the lyrics by Yoav Zouker

Gaping each fragmented hope
tracing pieces to the wreckage

Cleansing self from any foul impediment
realizing that time never was
tear apart the rational from sentiment
It seldom works or it never does

Seemingly seeping through me
gentle fear so gracefully
Faithful skin listen to me
stay awake and lay mistakes Down inside

Seek a moment of reflection
Validation of existence with a glimpse

And I'm terrified
of what introspection may in store
to look inside the mirrors eyes
and say I don't despise you anymore

Identified a state of mind
just granting me the clearance
certified to step aside
and catch my breath

I'm awake
In sympathy
And I'm compelled
To finally
Taste each breath
And taste it well

Now piece by piece release the unreleased

Right than Heal